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I was mostly active in Mail Art between 1997 and 2000. In 2011, I decided to resume my activities as a mail-artist but I do not network. I only participate in other people's Mail-Art Project. Here are some Mail art projects I participated to :

Carol's La essencia del Ser - Art from Mailbox's Family Project - Marcela Peral's Esta Boca es Mia - Sussex artists co-op's free theme - Eduard Egorov's the Alexandrov kremlin is 500 - Sharon Zimmer's Closure - Uno 1's free theme - Saartje Stiers' Marie Antoinette - David Aronson's Honoring the human shadow - Suzlee Ibrahim's work on paper - art from mailbox's life puzzle - Adamandia Kapsalis' a fishy requisite - The alabama art kitchen's Love - Vitoly Maklakov's bastarded xerox - Amuldo's project55 - Palazzo Armone's Retrogaming - Asemic Writting Archive's asemic writing - Francoise Chambier's Green - artlikeart's save the usps - Frederique Hemery's Dragonfly - Adamandia Kapsalis' Furrowed brow - CAR's Open Call - Carlos Botana's Mermaids - Alexandre Gomes Vilas Boas' Black Bird - Nicole Eippers's Piggy One Mail Art - Eva-Zoe Szilagyi's Rats - Eberhard Janke's Idiom is Identity - Grafismos del Bajo's Open Doors - Sylvia Caldo's En mi vida las flores" - Ambassade d'Utopia's Y a-t-il une vie avant la mort? - Juan Carlos Vargas' Water of Life - M.E Perez's I am here - Bruno Chiarlione's G.A.C's centenial celebrations of Cavelini - André Rober's Montres ta langue, parles ta langue - Jean François Vigeon's Fées, sorcières, monstres et cie - Mr Colori's Lists - Miguel Jimenez's Toros en Sevilla - Mario Lisboa Duarte's Free Ai Wei Wei - Westfluegel Syke's Wings/Fluegel - Sarah Jo Pender's Holding hands (visit Sarah Pender's Website and Sarah Pender's Wikipedia page) - South Store Cafe's Café Life - Bosco dei poeti's Forest Magic Mountain - HEDAH's Mail2maastricht - J Wade's Non Sequitur - Monse Del Campo's Send me a post - Cynthia's Make a Spectacle of yourself - Skull Appreciation Day - Correo Correo's Self Portrait of the True Meaning of Life - Angela Caporaso's John Cage mail art call - Marcela Peral's Sobre Cito - Luiz Diaz's Deception Call - Keiichi Nakamura / Tokitama's YOU project 01 - YOU project 02 - Thierry Thillier's Industrie et Culture - Heike Sackmann's Narrenschiff Reloaded - Michael Harford'd The World Is A Town - Nicole Gattinger's Dearly Departed Mail Art Project -Enviame una postale - Tina Festa's Mail art a Matera : Il Pane è Pace - Art For Healing - Sylvie Neveu's Reg'Arts - Nurify's Comiconenvelop -Ottmar Bergmann's Hommage to Harry Martinson - Margo Riordan's Where do you go to hide from the World - Nikky Soppelsa' For the love of cats - Polifemo's My everyday object

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